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Brazil: Murky waters and Olympic opacity

29 Jul 2016

In August, up to 1,400 athletes will be in sailing in the waters of the Guanabara Bay during the Olympic Games. However, pollution concerns have…

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Brazil: WhatsApp services blocked nationwide in violation of freedom of expression

22 Jul 2016

ARTICLE 19 condemns the blocking of access to WhatsApp in Brazil on Tuesday 19 July, authorised by a court order issued by Judge Daniela Barbosa…

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Turkey: Freedom of expression is essential to preserve democracy post-coup attempt

18 Jul 2016

ARTICLE 19 and the Guardian Foundation call upon the government of Turkey to protect freedom of expression in light of Friday’s attempted…

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UNHRC: States must implement crucial resolution on civil society space

05 Jul 2016

The Civic Space Initiative (CSI) welcomes the adoption of a UN Human Rights Council (HRC) resolution committing States to protect civil society…

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Kenya renews commitment to enhancing access to information information and transparency

04 Jul 2016

ARTICLE 19 welcomes Kenya’s submission of the second National Action Plan to the Open Government Partnership (OGP).The submission comes…

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Gambia: Pre-electoral climate darkens as opposition leaders are jailed

27 Jul 2016

ARTICLE 19 is gravely concerned by the ongoing attacks…


Algeria: Alarming attacks against independent media

06 Jul 2016

The undersigned organisations urge the Algerian authorities…


UNHRC: Universal Periodic Review Outcome Statement

24 Jun 2016

Oral Statement24 June 2016Delivered by Andrew Smith,…

image Statement

UNHRC: Digital Freedoms Under Threat in Russia

22 Jun 2016

Item 4 General Debate – Oral Statement23 June…


UNHRC : Systematic censorship enables ongoing crimes against humanity in Eritrea

22 Jun 2016

At the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), the Commission…


UNHRC: Önderoğlu, Nesin, and Korur Fincancɪ must be released

22 Jun 2016

JOINT ORAL STATEMENTHRC 32 - Item 4: Situations requiring…


Turkey: Activists and journalists charged with terrorism

20 Jun 2016

Three Turkish human rights activists and journalists,…

image Statement

UNHRC: States must stop pressuring private sector, and protect free expression online

17 Jun 2016

ARTICLE 19 has delivered an oral statement responding…

  • internet access disruption in #turkey after coup attempt. interesting anal...