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image Statement

Egypt: UPR calls for end to crackdown on protest and civil society

20 Mar 2015

ARTICLE 19 and the Association for Free Thought and…

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Myanmar: Crackdown on protests shows Special Rapporteur still needed

11 Mar 2015

The excessive violence used against peaceful protesters…

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Mexico: Judge acknowledges violation of journalist Pedro Canché’s right to due process

10 Mar 2015

On 24 February, the Sixth District Judge of the State…

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Brazil: Digital censorship of activist reaches two years

06 Mar 2015

Ricardo Fraga was forbidden by a Brazilian court to…

image Update

Brazil: A month of protests and violations

09 Feb 2015

Today (9th February 2015) marks one month since public…

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Hong Kong: Curb excessive police force and uphold protesters' rights

01 Dec 2014

ARTICLE 19 calls for the Hong Kong authorities to curb…

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Mexico: Police attack journalists and human rights defenders at protest over 43 missing students

21 Nov 2014

At least 18 journalists and human rights defenders…

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Tajikistan: New draft law on demonstrations is not needed in a democratic society

21 Nov 2014

ARTICLE 19 is deeply concerned that the new draft law…

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The Black Fish of Urmia

21 Nov 2014

A car tyre lies in the growing salt flats of Lake Urmia,…


Mexico: ARTICLE 19 statement on disappeared students

09 Oct 2014

Thomas Hughes Executive Director of Article 19 said: ARTICLE19…

Legal analysis

Myanmar: Amended Right to Peaceful Assembly and Peaceful Procession Law

22 Aug 2014

On 24 June 2014, following months of campaigning by…

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Brazil: Police must be regulated during protests

30 May 2014

With the start of the World Cup only a week away, ARTICLE…

image Country report

Brazil's own goal: Protests, police and the World Cup

29 May 2014

The countdown to the 2014 World Cup has been marked…

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Human Rights Council: States must protect rights during protests

31 Mar 2014

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the adoption by the UN Human Rights…

image Update

Venezuela: Government must take concrete actions to enable dialogue

21 Mar 2014

After 38 days of widespread protests in Venezuela 31…

image Update

Mexico: Non-fatal violence against journalists soars in 2013.

18 Mar 2014

Article 19 hold a silent demonstration in Mexico City…

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Russia: Crackdown starts as Sochi ends

24 Feb 2014

As the global spotlight on Russia for the 2014 Sochi…

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Cambodia: UN human rights review as protest crackdown continues

27 Jan 2014

A coalition of human rights groups will urge the international…

image Update

How to protect yourself during protests: A19 Video Tutorial

13 Dec 2013

ARTICLE 19 marked Human Rights Day (10 December) with…

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Ukraine: Investigate attacks against journalists during protest clampdown

09 Dec 2013

The Ukrainian authorities should swiftly investigate…

Press release

Ukraine: Excessive use of force against protests must stop

03 Dec 2013

Since 21 November 2013, people across Ukraine began…

image Update

Mexico: Increasing violence against protesters

31 Oct 2013

In the past 10 months, protests in Mexico City have…

image Press release

Azerbaijan: Election will not be credible unless people are free to criticise the government

08 Oct 2013

In a joint call, issued today, on the eve of the Presidential…

Policy brief

Responding to Hate Speech against LGBTI people

08 Oct 2013

In this policy paper, ARTICLE 19 proposes the response…

Legal analysis

Uganda: Public Order Management Bill

13 Aug 2013

On 6th August 2013, the Ugandan Parliament passed the…


ECtHR: Eon v France

01 Aug 2013

14 March 2013, European Court of Human Rights, Application…

image Press release

Egypt: Excessive use of force against protesters

29 Jul 2013

ARTICLE 19 is alarmed by the violence against protesters…

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Stand-still protest outside Turkish embassy to remember 7 dead in Gezi Park protests

26 Jul 2013

On Sunday, 28 July at 12pm, ARTICLE 19 will hold a…

image Statement

Brazil: State response to protests indiscriminate and disproportionate

17 Jun 2013

ARTICLE 19 condemns the indiscriminate use of force…

image Statement

Tunisia: Decision in FEMEN protest violates freedom of expression

14 Jun 2013

ARTICLE 19 is alarmed by the sentence, delivered by…

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UK: EDF sentences highlight need for review of protest laws

06 Jun 2013

ARTICLE 19 is concerned that just a week after a UN…

image Statement

UNHRC: UN expert on peaceful assembly reports on UK

30 May 2013

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the report of Maina Kiai, the UN…

image Press release

Uganda: Violent attacks on protesters as letter crisis continues

28 May 2013

ARTICLE 19 condemns the violent attacks by the Ugandan…

image Press release

Vietnam: Injustice reigns as eight pro-democracy activists lose appeal

24 May 2013

Family members and supporters rally to demand freedom…

image Press release

Brazil: Court approves ban on development protestor

21 May 2013

ARTICLE 19 is disappointed with the decision of a court…

image Statement

Brazil: Campaigner against property project silenced by court

26 Apr 2013

ARTICLE 19 has lent its support to the case of Ricardo…

image Press release

Venezuela: Critical situation for free speech post-election

24 Apr 2013

ARTICLE 19 urges the newly elected Venezuelan government…

image Press release

Bangladesh: Action needed now to stop gender-based violence against journalists

10 Apr 2013

ARTICLE 19 calls on the government to condemn violence…

Legal analysis

Egypt: Law Relating to the Regulation of the Right to Demonstrate in Public Spaces

25 Feb 2013

In this analysis, ARTICLE 19 finds that the Draft Law…

image Press release

Vietnam: Jailing of thirteen pro-democracy activists is an abuse of fundamental rights

09 Jan 2013

ARTICLE 19 condemns the jailing of thirteen pro-democracy…

image Press release

Kazakhstan: Ongoing crackdown on criticism and the muzzling of independent media

17 Dec 2012

ARTICLE 19 is deeply concerned about the ongoing crackdown…