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image Press release

Mexico: ARTICLE 19 launches annual report 'State of Censorship'

25 Mar 2015

ARTICLE 19 Mexico has launched its annual report: Estado…

image Press release

Mexico: Judge acknowledges violation of journalist Pedro Canché’s right to due process

10 Mar 2015

On 24 February, the Sixth District Judge of the State…

image Statement

UNHRC: UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders urges to end impunity

09 Mar 2015

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the report of the Special Rapporteur…


Mexico: Reforma newspaper distribution centre attacked

16 Feb 2015

A Reforma newspaper distribution centre located in…


Mexico: Government fail to act following the disappearance of Veracruz journalist Moisés Sánchez

22 Jan 2015

Despite the first hours and days following a person’s…


Mexico: Missing journalist in Veracruz allegedly threatened by mayor

09 Jan 2015

Moisés Sánchez Cerezo, a journalist from…


Mexico: Five journalists assaulted during the “A Light in the Dark” festival

19 Dec 2014

ARTICLE 19 documented five assaults on journalists…


Mexico: Journalist reported missing in Sinaloa

08 Dec 2014

Mario Alberto Crespo Ayón, an independent journalist…

Press release

Mexico: online news sites targeted in Puebla, Chiapas and Jalisco

01 Dec 2014

Over the course of 2014, ARTICLE 19 has documented…

image Update

Mexico: Police attack journalists and human rights defenders at protest over 43 missing students

21 Nov 2014

At least 18 journalists and human rights defenders…

image Statement

Mexico: Respect for human rights is essential to overcome the current crisis

20 Nov 2014

Mexican democracy faces a defining moment.  The…

image Update

Mexico: Guerrero Police beat journalists during protest

14 Nov 2014

On Tuesday November 11, Guerrero state police beat…


Mexico: Attorney General must shed light on the murder of radio programme host

16 Oct 2014

Atilano Román Tirado, community leader and radio…


Mexico: ARTICLE 19 statement on disappeared students

09 Oct 2014

Thomas Hughes Executive Director of Article 19 said: ARTICLE19…

image Update

Mexico: Yaqui tribe human rights defender detained

12 Sep 2014

ARTICLE 19 is concerned about the recent arrest of…

image Update

Mexico: Journalist shot dead in Oaxaca

14 Aug 2014

Octavio Rojas Hernández, a journalist from Oaxaca,…

image Press release

Mexico: New Telecom Law Endangers Freedom of Expression

11 Jul 2014

ARTICLE 19 strongly condemns the adoption by the Mexican…

image Update

Mexico: "Soft" censorship poses significant dangers to press freedom

27 Mar 2014

Press freedom in Mexico faces widespread and growing…

image Press release

Mexico: Home of ARTICLE 19 Mexico Director raided by intruders

18 Mar 2014

The home of the Director of ARTICLE 19 Mexico and Central…

image Update

Mexico: Non-fatal violence against journalists soars in 2013.

18 Mar 2014

Article 19 hold a silent demonstration in Mexico City…


Mexico: ARTICLE 19 steps up security following new incidents

15 Feb 2014

For almost a year now, ARTICLE 19 has been experiencing…

image Blog

Interview with Ricardo Gonzalez, ARTICLE 19’s Global Protection Officer

12 Dec 2013

A19: How do you perceive the current situation for…

Legal analysis

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement: Intellectual Property Chapter

28 Nov 2013

On 13 November, Wikileaks published a full draft of…

image Update

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement: Unveiling the shroud of secrecy

28 Nov 2013

ARTICLE 19  releases a detailed legal analysis of…

image Update

Civil Society Groups Urge Trade Transparency

21 Nov 2013

Today, ARTICLE 19 joined with more than 30 Civil Society…

image Update

Mexico: Increasing violence against protesters

31 Oct 2013

In the past 10 months, protests in Mexico City have…

image Update

Mexico: ARTICLE 19 attacked for second time in six months

17 Oct 2013

At 14h00 on 11 October, a security incident took place…

image Statement

Concern over Mexican Constitutional Revisions on Right to Information

27 Aug 2013

ARTICLE 19 remains concerned over proposed amendments…

Press release

"We are watching you closely": Threats of reprisal received by ARTICLE 19 Mexico

19 Apr 2013

ARTICLE 19’s Mexico office has this morning received…

image Update

Lydia Cacho: Forced into exile

14 Mar 2013

Investigative journalist Lydia Cacho was kidnapped…

image Update

Regina Martinez: Murdered

14 Mar 2013

Investigative journalist Regina Martínez was…

image Press release

Brazil and Mexico: Killed for speaking out...

14 Mar 2013

New research published today by the international advocacy…

image Update

Jose Armando Rodriguez Carreon: Murdered

12 Mar 2013

Jose Armando Rodriguez Carreon was shot to death on…

image Update

Jose Antonio Garcia Apac: Disappeared

12 Mar 2013

José Antonio García Apac disappeared…

image Press release

Mexico: Serious crimes against free expression in 2012

12 Mar 2013

New research published today by the international advocacy…

image Update

Act now to end impunity in Mexico: Lydia Cacho

12 Nov 2012

Lydia Cacho, Mexico's most famous investigative journalist…

image Statement

Mexico: The unremitting struggle against silence and impunity

26 Sep 2012

Between September 18-19, ARTICLE 19 Executive Director,…

image Update

ARTICLE 19 Mexico marks 13 missing journalists on Day of the Disappeared

30 Aug 2012

International Day of the Disappeared was created to…


London: Join ARTICLE 19 at Frontline for Lydia Cacho report on international sex trade

24 Aug 2012

ARTICLE 19 international board member and investigative…

image Update

Mexico: Infographic showing 41 attacks on media

08 Aug 2012

In six years, 41 media outlets have been attacked…

image Update

Mexico: 3 photo-journalists murdered in Veracruz, government knew risk

08 May 2012

On 3 May - World Press Freedom Day - the bodies of…

image Update

Mexico: Another journalist murdered in Veracruz; 5 killed under Governor Javier Duarte

01 May 2012

The correspondent of the weekly magazine Proceso ,…

image Update

Mexico: Short film launched "Forced silence"

16 Apr 2012

50 hours of interviews with 60 journalists across 13…


Launch: Enforced silence

15 Mar 2012

The 2011 annual report on attacks against journalists…

image Statement

Latin America: Free expression and the law in 2011

01 Mar 2012

This statement highlights the major legal developments…